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To make Downloads as quick as possible, use Windows Media Player format  Because of this compression encoding, some of the fidelity has been lost...  
Rysk's First "45", Recorded at Normandy Sound in Warren, RI  1981
(Copied from the original record!)
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NEW!!! Theme From UFO
The old Sci Fi TV show Theme, Updated
Leave that Thing Alone Redu
NEW!!! I'm a Receiver
Rushing Into It
Christmas Boulder
It started as a Joke from Doug at the Guitar store, and ended with something even Weird Al would like...
(Parody of the Monkees Song
"I'm a Believer")
Inspiration from Progressions and Changes from my
second Favorite Band
Old Rysk ...  Re recorded
I really miss Scott and Keith...
We may have had ups and downs, but it was so worth it..
Originally written for a commercial client by Steve Burke, a RI musician, and myself, it had the unfortunate duty of being a "Pad" for an instructional voice over (by me). Rerecorded here it shows off the great keyboard talent of Steve
Rated G
Any other rating is your own Fault
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Blue Mountain Guitar
60 Sec Promo