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Studio Name: The Camp Recording
Console: Alesis Studio 32 (4 bus)
Monitors: Fostex PM-2, Yamaha NS-10M, Yamaha S20X
Recording Hardware: M-Audio 44 (2), Fostex D824, Pioneer CT-W606DR
Recording Software: Sonar 2.2
Mastering Software: SteinbergWave Lab 6
Computer: Dell 8200 w/ Dual LCD Monitors
Control Surface: Frontier TranZport
Microphones: MXL 603, 2001, V63M, Shure PG58, SM55, SM57,
EV PL88, Behringer B-2, Matched Pair C-2
Outboard Gear: Lexicon MPX100, Digitech Studio S100, dbx Model 296, ART CS2, Alesis 3630, AudioLogic MT66, DOD 835, Digitech GNX 3000, BBE 383 Preamp, Ibanez Series 9 Stomp Boxes
Synths / Modules: Yamaha S03, Roland GR-20, SD-80, Yamaha Motif
Acoustic Guitars: Gibson Concert Mahogany, Taylor 214E
Electric Guitars: American Series Strat, Nashville Deluxe Telecaster,
Custom Ash Fender Fat Strat, Yamaha Pacifica J w/ GK-3 MIDI Interface, Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, Epiphone Dot, Hamer Prototype Blitz,
Schecter C-1E/A, BC Rich Koa Classic Ten String Bich, Agile PS1000
Bass Guitars: Rickenbacker 4003, Ibanez EDC 700
Drums: Custom Yamaha DTXpress III, Roland SPD-6, African Djembe
Amplifiers: Roland JC-120, Roland Cube 30X, Carvin 1-15” JBL Cabinet, Marshall MG 10 Cabinet, Roland 60 Cabinet, Fender Rumble Cabinet,
Alesis RA150 (2)
Extras: APC Uninterruptible Power supplys for all studio equipment

Studio Notes: The Camp is a private recording studio in the heart of the Upper Valley in New Hampshire.  Troy Doolittle, formerly the chief engineer of Blackbeard Studios in RI, has been in the business for many years.  Troy is the owner, designer, and chief engineer.   “It will always be a work in progress, but we are finally up and running.  I love the Place…  “