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Hello Everyone,I finally got a chance to change my page!!!!!

It was a great summer, though the family couldn't make it up.  I certainly went through a LOT of gasoline in the boats!!  It was great to be able to bomb around in the Checkmate, or just lay out in the middle in the little boat...    

First, the Old Virago has been fitted with a New Old Stock gas tank, and battery, and is up and running. It has been sent off to Mason Racing in Lebanon for a carb rebuild, and new tires, then... Any one interested in a low Mileage Virago??

      Second, I will be selling the boat pictured above, without the motor.  I put the old 65 HP on the boat, but because it was so overpowered, I did not feel it was safe. I will save the motor, but sell the boat and trailer.  Anyone interested should call me. It will take up to a 40 HP short shaft outboard engine...

Third, I have a couple other boats that will be for sale come this summer.  A Larson, and a Glastron, with trailers.

Fourth, the camp has a new tenant.  Great to have Christy and her big brown dog, and Boy Kitty, of course!!!

The Family couldn't come this summer.  Pics from the last summer are on the Family link at the top.

I have not been in the studio much at all this past year, though I did a few projects for some friends looking to get Demos done for Arts college.  As nice as the summer was, this winter I will be seeing much more of it!

As always, you can email me or call.  I know the gas and airplane tickets are getting expensive, but hopefully you will get the chance to get away somewhere... I will always have plenty of room for anyone that wants to Visit!!!